The great moments of an event are experienced here


Created to let you See what You Can't See.

Viuing is a new mobile device created so that you can live at 100% the greatest moments of an event that will go down in history.

Enjoy in real time all that is happening and do not lost any detail from your favourite event.

Hours of transmission
Happy customers
GB of statistical data

Feel a complete experience

Once Viuing is opened, you'll begin to receive the signal. The event now becomes a full experience. No delays, no downtime. With Viuing, you'll see every second of the event as if you were in front of your TV at home, with the added excitement of experiencing it live. Learn more...


Lightweight and compact

Viuing is just as small and convenient as your mobile phone. It's not heavy, it doesn't take up space and it's perfect to see everything you've never seen before in the most practical way.  Learn more...

Now is the time to see and enjoy absolutely everything.

Accessible to all

Viuing has been designed to offer you top quality images at the lowest possible price, so you can be there and still see everything worth seeing.  Learn more...